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Professional Healthcare Services provides a wide range of services for healthcare facilities including testing and verification services, consulting services, sales and installation, and service and maintenance..

The Principal of the Company has over 35 years of extensive experience within this industry and has the knowledge and the expertise to help you quickly resolve your particular problems.

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· Preventative Maintenance on Cryo- Freezers and Mechanicals
· Emergency Repair and Repair of Alarms – Electronics
· Inventory Control Software and Inventory Control Systems
· Installation and Training
· VIP Installation
· Installation of Controlled Rate Freezers

· Medical O2, Air and Vacuum Inspection and Cleaning
· Medical System Comprehensive Inspection
· Medical Pipe Design and Installation
· Medical System Certifier
· Medical Safety Audit per NFPA 99
· Regulator Repair
· Application Engineering
· Consulting and Training
· Installation and Design of Bulk Tank Farms
· Yearly Preventative Inspection on Bulk Tanks Systems
· Locate Used Tanks and Equipment for Huge Customer Savings
· Welder Certified to DSFG 23 (AWR D1.1 Structural Steel)
· Installation of Bulk Tank Systems
· Qualified Brazer per AWS B2.2
· Installation of VIP, Insulated and Copper Pipe
· Installation of Cylinder Manifolding Systems
· Perform Facility Safety Audits
· Training on Safe Handling and Storage of Gas Products
Professional Healthcare Services engineering services can help in a number of industries that affect our everyday life. PHS is committed to helping customers remain competitive by identifying ways to improve the effectiveness of their operations and delivering solutions that are practical, cost effective and easy to implement.

Below are a number of industries we cover:

1. Automotive
2. BioTech
3. Chemicals
4. Electronics
5. Environment
6. Fiber Optics
7. Food and beverage
8. Fuel
9. Health and Safety
10. HealthCare and Hospitals
11. Laser Processes
12. Medical
13. Oil and Gas
14. Pharmaceuticals
15. Propane
16. Scientific and Research
17. Semiconductor
18. Utilities
19. Water and Wastewater
20. Welding and Cutting

Facilities Design and Engineering

We provide everything you need to store and withdraw the gaseous and liquified products we supply. We ensure your supply is hassle-free by owning and maintaining the installation including:

Gas and liquified storage - cylinders, dewars, cryogenic vessels and tanks.

Vaporizers and heaters.

Liquid withdrawal devices.

We can also design, install and maintain your on-site distribution system and process system. Our services include:

All physical assets needed for gas and liquified gas distribution to the point of use - pipelines, manifolds, gas cabinets and outlet points.

Process equipment - oxy-fuel burners, water treatment and waste treatment systems, food freezing systems.

We have specialist expertise across a diverse range of industries including:

Glass, Iron and Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals - design, installationand maintenance of pipelines, oxy-fuel burners and air pollution control systems.

Environment, Water and Wastes - vacuum and industrial pumps for environmental systems, pressure blowers for areation, Vitox systems for industrial wastewater, Primox system for sewers, Kryoclean systems for reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

Electronics - liquid abatement systems, purge systems, semiconductor subsystems.

Food - chilling and freezing systems, cryogrinding systems.

Laboratories and Research - working with designers, architects and construction teams to integrate gas supply systems into new-build and refurbishment projects.