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* Regulators and Flowmeters

Medical: Chrome Plated - Single and Two Stage
Specialty: Stainless Steel, Brass
Industrial: Brass. Chrome Plated, Stainless Steel
* Manifolding Systems

Medical: Built to NFPA 99 Standards
Specialty and Cyrogenic
* Compressed Gas Fittings

CGA Fittings and Adaptors
Nuts and Connections
Check Valves
Hose Fittings
Cryogenic Hoses and Fittings
Medical Air Compressor Systems
Medical Vacuum Pump System
Medical Oxygen Transfill Systems
* Pressure Control Devices
Speciality: Brass, Stainless, Chrome-Plated
Medical: Single - Two Stage
Flow Meters

* Distribution Accessories
Switchover Stations: Cylinder, Liquid Containers
Flexible Pigtails
Cryogenic Hoses
Protocol Station Bench Stands
TrPHS and leak Detectors
Cylinder Brackets,Accessories and Connections
Purge Assemblies

Manual Control
Diaphragm Valves
Needle Valves
Check Valves

Workplace Safety

Eye Protection - Glasses, Goggles, Accessories
Face and Head Protection - Face shields, Hard CPHS, Liners
Hearing Protection - Disposables, Bands, Muffs
SCBA's - Self- Contained Breathing Apparatus
Instrumentation - Monitors, Pumps
Ventilation - Blowers, Kits, Accessories
Fall Protection - Harnesses, Landyards, SRL's
Ergonomics - Back Belts, Gloves, Supports

MVE Biomedical Complete Products and Services

Liquid Nitrogen "Vapor Phase"/Liquid Freezers
Inventory Software
Vapor "Dry Nitrogen" Shippers
IATA Shippers
Cryogenic Containers
Liquid Nitrogen Storage Containers
Bulk Tanks, VIP Piping, Installations, Telemetty
Freezer Alarms Systems
Vials, Boxes and Racking Systems - Vials, Blood Bags, etc.
Cryogenic Accessories and Cryogenic Repair Parts

Cryo-Gloves, Cryo-Aprons, Faceshields
Vials, Blood Bags, Racking Systems
Hoses, Dippers,Transfer Hoses
LN2 Automatic Tank Switcher
Manual Discharge Device
Phase Separators
Control Rate Freezers Systems & Other Cryo-Electronic Equipment
Cylinder Carts
Non-Magnetic (MRI) Carts
Clean Roon Carts
Liquid Carts
Cylinder Shoulder Bags
Cylinder Storage Racks
Cylinder Delivery Carts
DOT Compliant Delivery Carts
The most diversified and innovative line of disposable plasticware for the modern laboratory.
* Vials
* Boxes
Stainless Steel
* Racks - Standard, Custom
* Cryovial Work Station Racks ...
Analyzer and Fiber Cups
Cell Spreader
Deep Well Plates
Microscope Slide Handling and Storage Products
PCR Disposables
Petri Dishes
Pipets, Transfers
Beaker, Disposables
ClusterTube Systems
Funnels, Disposables
Sputum Collection Systems
Storage Boxes
Tube Closures and Vials
Histology Disposables
* Air/Vacuum Compressors
* Aspirators
* Flowmeters
* Nebulizers
* Oxygen Conservers
* Vacuum Regulators
* Medical Fittings
* Medical regulators
* Liquid Oxygen Portables ...
* Liquid Oxygen Reservoirs - Many Sizes to Choose From
* Liquid Oxygen Portables - All Sizes and Flow Rates to Meet the Most Demanding Requirements
* Powered Hand Truck - Unique
* Telemetry and Accessories - For Almost Every Need
* Pressure Regulators
* Instrument Gas Installation Kits
* Lecture Bottle Equipment
* Viable Area Flowmeters
* Mass Flow Systems
* Delivery Systems
* Valves
* Filters
* Purifiers
* Gas Detectors
* Molecular Sieves
* Fruit Ripening Equipment
* Heating and Insulation Jackets for Gas Cylinders
* Gas Cabinets ...
* Application Engineering - Foods, Rubber, Medical, Metals, Utilities, Laser Processes, Fuel, Waste Water, Fiber Optics, Electronics, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticles, etc.
* LOX, LIN, LAR, Liquid Helium, CO2, Hydrogen, O2, N2, Air, H2 Generators
* Instalation, Drawings, Safety, Training, Telemetry ...
* Gas Blending Equipment, Cryogenic Valves and Fittings, VIP Pipe
* Emergency Oxygen Inlet Boxes. Medical Control Systems
* Cryogenoc and CO2 Vessels (Tanks) and Equipment - New and Used
* Repair and Remanufacturing: Cylinders, Cryogenic Bulk Tanks and Trailers ...

Cryogenic Used Equipment

* LIN Freezers, Dewers, Racks
* Bulk Tanks, Trailers, Cylinders
* Portable Bulk: 4LT and Above
* Call for More Information ...